Pasadena Again!


What have you been up to? Its been busy round these parts pardner!

Huh? Where did that John Wayne twang come from? I don’t know.

I know my life is majorly boring compared to most, but since I have been in this BK, I really appreciate the small stuff!

Friday I got together with my neighbor for out happy hour.


Thats her pouring vodka out of a bottle bigger than she is!


She is so cute!

Then yesterday morning I got up early and drove to Pasadena.

Do you remember when I was invited a couple of years ago to this gathering?

It was fabulous! This year they moved it to the Hilton as its become so popular, sold out event.

Its still fabulous!


The only author I recognized was Kristen Hanna.




It was a wonderful experience listening to their stories.

I would never have known of Cynthia Bond but now I will look for her work.


Everything was awesome, even lunch did not ruin WW for me! I did not eat that dessert!


Everyone looked so nice! I wore a ironed white man type shirt and jeans. I did not see any jeans for awhile ( a little self conscious) and when I finally saw jeans, she had on the same outfit as me! Crisp white with jeans! We were not the only two sporting the same bit! Ha!๐Ÿ‘ 

It was a nice cloudy day:



So I stopped at the Friends of the Library on the way home and picked up some of Hanna’s old books. I started one last night!

Then I looked on my phone and I do have her new one! Yes.


But I already stared het older one that I am into!


So that was fun! Now I am hanging out, its foggy and cool and I love it!

No money out today, which is a good thing cause the next two years gonna kill me!

Be prepared to hear cussing!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Have you read any of these authors?



13 thoughts on “Pasadena Again!

  1. It sounds like you had a really nice day. I’m always looking for new authors, so I’m going to check out the ones you’ve introduced here. Yesterday was one of those rare days I could indulge myself and read for most of the day. Love those kind of days. Even better when it’s stormy outside. We didn’t have rain, but had a dusting of snow instead. But then the sun came out and it all melted away. ๐Ÿ˜Š Enjoy the rest if your weekend.

  2. Read Jane Smiley’s “One Thousand Acres”. All about family dynamics and old fashioned greed. You are doing a wonderful job getting through your BK. As I advised you before do this with grace and dignity with head and fingers held high! Had a great visit with former BK son this weekend. Isn’t it nice sometimes just to know those we love are in this world? Sorry to ramble but this old lady does tend to be introspective.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  3. That one pic looks like it has Michael Douglas in it. I went to our independent theatre today and saw “Eye In The Sky”. It is a political thriller and I’m still thinking about it. I guess its good that I’m a middle school teacher because I could not handle making those type of military decisions on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a good movie, I recommend it – or wait until it comes out on Netflix. Have a good week!

    • I already finished Night Road! I am now reading her newest. It was in my drop box books!!! Love it so far๐Ÿ˜ƒ Shes really good and easy to resd, like her style!

      Nice to see you!


      • I work in disaster response and have been in Louisiana for their flood recovery efforts since March. Seven days 12 hour days. Exhausting!

        We filed April 30. If our payment remains at its current estimate I will be a happy happy person. We shall see!

    • So broke

      I havent had any changes and the only time the chg usually if u have a 10% chg in income either way!

      Wow what a great rewarding job you have!!!!


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