I Love My Eaglets!!!

Yes I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with the Eagle Nest Webcams!!

So much so that when something is not right, I email them to find out! Like this morning, the nest was empty. I panicked. They responded to my email:


When I logged back in all is well!




Here is the Channel Islands webcam:


That one is important because they are trying to bring the population back here!

Here is the Washington DC webcam!

This one is well funded and beautiful! You can see the tree sway and is so relaxing!


They call them The President and the First Lady!

I hope you have a chance to view them
too and fall in love!!!!

Let me know!



4 thoughts on “I Love My Eaglets!!!

  1. Thank you so much for these links. Will definitely check them out. Another good one to watch is the Decorah Iowa eagles nest … mom is one the nest now. If you Google Decorah eagles, you’ll get their link. Enjoy your week.

    • that is neat. I will have to check it out too! The property we would like to move to has a pair of eagles that nest in a tree across the river. The neighbor says most years they have eaglets 🙂

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