18 Dates in One Night

Something new! A couple years ago, just for the heck of it I created a profile on Plenty of Fish, a free online dating site.

You can read about my experience here.


It was terrible! I quickly took my profile down. I know it works for most people, just not for me!

But recently I got this invite for a speed dating event about two minutes from home!


It cost $20.00 and I went last night.

It was a 50 and over event and so I thought at least they aren’t lying about age and weight!

It was a hoot! I really enjoyed it! There were some kooks but there were some quality people as well.

There was a couple of IT people, a pilot, a journalist, financial analysts, etc. As well as some lucky retirees.

So you get a list and you circle yes or no after 6 minutes, if they say yes to you the agency shares your info and you go on a date.

I started out No No No No No! Um I got a little worried, but then things started to look up and I circled yes to a few!

Now lets see if they did and if I actually go on a date! I have really been alone for long time, but it might be good to expand a little.

Like my mom used to say…”theres just not that many shopping days left till Christmas.”

Well, that was interesting at least! I would do it again for sure.

Have you ever done that?



3 thoughts on “18 Dates in One Night

  1. I’ve never done that, but I’m impressed with your courage. I MAY be able to do it if the event was 2 minutes from my house, I had a friend going, AND maybe some liquid encouragement. You go, Debt Girl!!!

  2. Kimc, it literally was 5 min from home. When I walked in it was all woman so I just sat down and chatted with them. We were all nervous, it was hilarious actually!

    I almost left but glad I stayed! I would do it again!

    Today they sent results I had three matchs, guys that I liked that liked me back,and eight guys that like me and that I can contact if I want to.

    So we shall see if the one guy that I thought was interesting, who also wants to retire in Oregon calls me?!? Hes got my number.

    I like it WAY better than online.

    I didnt drink cause everyone would have been cute and funny!

    Oh!!!! One guy, I call him the murderer, sat down and just would not shut up! He said….” I have been married twice, my first wife died in a horrific accident, but I was not in town at the time!”

    Honest, that got said!! Lol

  3. Ha, the murderer sounds very unlucky or bizarre. I watch way too much Dateline and 48 Hours and figure I’ll never be on a jury. If you’re the husband and your wife dies, I generally assume you did it.

    It was also a big bonus that your event was 50+. 8 matches – wow. Hope Oregon dude calls.

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