Up Early

Its early and its my day off, but Gracie walks all over me to get me up! She doesn’t care that I can sleep in! So up I am!


Someone at work is selling a Jeep and my kid likes it! Its a steal, we could flip it and make more money!





We are going to look at it tomorrow! She is excited and I am relieved that we found something affordable! High miles and a gas hog, but she won’t be driving far! Cross your fingers!

Its nice!

One more thing down, then I need to focus on college! Whew!

In other news, I have a date tonight! I know! So nervous! But we matched and I really liked him. He seems low key! Will let you know how that goes!

Walking the lake this morning with my buddy and hanging out at home today!

My budget is about to snap and with the expense of a second car! Ugh! I already told her dad he has to put the car in his name until she can when she turns 18 next year. He didn’t even ask why! 👍

So thats whats up!

What are you up to?



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