The Big Day

So here it is, the day my kid MIGHT buy her first car. Its a huge (expensive) step for us. Will let you know how that goes.

Yesterday I went for my lake walk with my friend and picked these on the way back. I am lucky enough to have a nieghbor who lets me.

Aren’t the gorgeous!



A few of them smell so wonderful, just like roses are supposed to.

After that I took my last $20.00 and went to the thrift store. I found a book cover for my kid, two golf shirts, a top for me and this:


I have been wanting one and this was only…


The price was right. I want to use it instead of my oven which I hate. We already used it twice. I am going to use it for everything. Do you have one? What is your fav thing to cook in it?

In other news last nights dinner date was fine but there was something odd. I doubt I will go out with him again.

In other weekend news, I lost another pound this week, slow but sure.

Wieghtwatchers is not easy but its not terrible either.

Welp, better get into this day, what are you up to?



2 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Bummer, I was hoping the dinner date would be with Prince Charming. The flowers are beautiful though. I had a toaster oven once, but it stopped working. Not sure if you can replace the burner coil things or what. I just got it because my sister is such a huge toaster oven person and was always raving about them.

  2. Now that I got it, we use all the time! 9 tater tots and 3 meatballs = 9 points!

    Kid has pizza and its so much better than zapping it!

    If it breaks only out 7.00. Yay!

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