Kid Got a Some Wheels

I am happy to say that the Jeep was a success!

Its sitting in the driveway now! Kid is babysitting at the moment. She texted that she missed her car!


I took that pic and sent it to her! Oh to be 16 again. She is gonna need that babysitting money to pay for gas.

The big wig at work wanted $6000, thats the price he put on it in the news letter.

We got there and she and her dad both fell in love with it, it is really nice.

So when we got back from driving it the owner said make me an offer!

I said how about $4800??

He said how about $4500???

Omg, I hugged him and we bought it.

Her dad paid him.

Her dad owes me for some golf stuff so I don’t have to come up with much.

Now of course there is insurance, gas and maint. I plan on putting her on my Triple A too.

Now she has to wait for June to get her license and that is just fine by me, gives her time to practice with her parents.

But its wonderful being at this stage with my kid. I think we are doing ok in spite of our challenges.

Guys, I hate to jinx it but this is working out. This was a huge expense hanging over my head, whew!

Have a great day.



10 thoughts on “Kid Got a Some Wheels

  1. Congratulations to your daughter. The first car is such an exciting moment for any kid. And what a sweetheart the big wig was to drop the price! No Jinxing here, just enjoy when things work out like this. 😊

    • Thank you Terri! I was shocked, who does that! But he said it needs brakes and shocks and wanted to help take care of that expense. I think he was happy to get rid of it so quickly and thought it was nice to do for her first car!

      We got lucky!!! Rarely does that happen! Xoxo

  2. Congratulations on the car! This kiddo has to be so excited.

    This is one my challenges with my Chapter 13. I will be at the half way mark when mine starts to drive. Didn’t think about the title being in my name.

    Make sure you celebrate the new care with you kiddo!

  3. WooHoo, so glad this worked out. I know you were always doing those 52 week challenges and worrying about this expense. Check this off the list!

  4. I’m so happy this worked out for your daughter. It’s really terrific you are such a committed mom to get her a car( with help)! And it sounds like you got a great deal. Happy travels to her!!

    • Thank you Tahoe! Now I just need to figure out how to add that expense to my already tight budget!

      I think I have enough food to last me until she goes to college! Haha!!!

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