She’s Reading

Happy Saturday. Well I got my kid to pick up a book simply for the pleasure of reading!

I bribed her and it worked. Hey, whatever it takes!

I have two books I want her to read. This is one:


And this is the other one:


She started with Night Road first, which is fine because who wouldn’t rather dive into a good story over self help?

After I read it I knew it is a must read for any teen in high school that drives.

It’s also on point because the protagonist is the less fortunate in a very well to do community. Sound familiar?

She read for an hour last night! We both did!

I made four cookies (I love portion control) in the toaster oven. How did I ever live without a toaster oven? What else am I missing in life? 😂 The house smelled heavenly and it was just so cozy and nice.

If my kid is anything like me, she won’t have time to read for pleasure until she is older, but she will remember how nice it is and she will be a reader for life. That is important to me. Reading has been a huge blessing to me especially during this journey. I can’t imagine a life without books.

I am finally reading The Girl on a Train. Finally!

What are you reading?



4 thoughts on “She’s Reading

  1. Yay for reading. Monday is always SSR (sustained silent reading) in Advisory. Some of my middle schoolers love it, but some of them haven’t experienced the fun of meeting new characters that become your friend, or the joy of traveling to new places, or the thrill of adventure that comes from reading. I keep telling them to not give up on reading we just have to find the right book. EVERY. SINGLE. STUDY says that successful people are readers. Yay that your kid gets it.

  2. Are you reading the one by Paula Hawkins? I started that one this weekend, but there are several books with either the same or similar titles. It’s nice that your daughter is discovering how enjoyable a good book can be. Just think how many good stories she has ahead of her to enjoy.

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