May 1st!  Already

I am so happy that April flew by and I think May will as well. 

It will be a challenging month on many fronts, but finally, and I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am beginning to feel like maybe this idea, this financial stratagy of Chapter 13 just might work.

Its a tough, long a$$ haul!

We have a sleep away tourney soon as well as my kids birthday, my birthday and a trip to Portland planned this month.  Top that off with college planning.

I created a YouTube channel for my kid so coaches can view her golf swing and I am looking for FREE scouts.  Lots of work.

In the meantime I am trying to stay healthy.  We won’t even talk about the basil cell on my nose!  How in the heck did that happen?  I never walk without an umbrella in the sun?!  Must have been my stupidity in the past coming to bite me AGAIN!

But I have been walking and doing step 2x a week!  I have been trying to eat well too!

My breakfast most days looks like this:

And yesterday I grilled some chicken and made this beauty for a friend of mine to come and enjoy with me:

Today kid is practicing and I am heading out for my lake walk, then my bff is giving me a little settee for my patio.  Will play with that later.  Oh and taking in a movie with my nieghbor lady, the Tom Hanks flick.

So see?  My days are busy with free and inexpensive things to do and even with all the challenges, I think I got this!  No jinx allowed!

Happy May Day!


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