So Theres That…

During my lunch break I decided to get organized!  I brought in all the loose papers that I have been accumulating that pertain to scholarships, financial aid, ACT prep…. More on THAT in a moment.  

I made a pretty little cover and put it on our binder:

Then I organized and 3-hole punched all the info and created tabs as well:

I found a cool timeline to use as a basic guide to help us stay on track:

The there is that!  The ACT tests!  Gah!  First of all the prep is expensive and secondly, its time consuming!  I kind of forgot that she needs to get that going.

This summer is filling up!  We already scheduled visits to some in state colleges and kiddo has to take math summer school.  Thats a long story and not completely her fault.

So that is getting in the way of her summer job!  IT does trickle down. 😁😎

The  thing I am most worried about is…. And I am sure you are going to be surprised, is money!

Everything costs so freaking much!  You have to be rich to give your kids the best opportunities and thats not right!

One saving grace is that over summer I  will save my tutoring money and be able to use that.

Also she can fill in at the summer camp and babysit as well for some $.

It will work out but I sure am glad we decided to get organized!


6 thoughts on “So Theres That…

  1. The ACT world is so different from when I took it. The only prep we did was just going to high school, and we just took the test once. Glad you got organized with the college search. When things seem daunting it is good to develop a plan and just keep working the plan. Good luck!!!

  2. Also she can start applying for scholarships now as a part of the “job” – every little bit helps. Also check out this: Questbridge Scholarship — can’t hurt! In state will be cheaper than out of state. There is also PSO classes where you take college classes (general eds) for free while in high school

    • Hi Vesta! I checked out that site, she is not AP student and there financial req too low for us.

      But you are right! She will get busy on that front next week!

      This week crazy busy and tourny next weekend!


      • If you go to Dave Ramsey website and listen to podcast from his show last Friday (4/29) – the 3rd hour is about kids and college

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