Mothers Day Weekend

First of all, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!  I know its early but we are away at a golf tourney!  I don’t think I will be posting this weekend so I just wanted to be sure to wish you all the best, including and especially all you fur baby mommas! 

Yep we are away!  When is the last time we did that?  The golf tourney is a few hours from home, its Mothers Day and Sunday is my birthday, so what the heck?  I am just gonna make it as special as possible.  

It seems like this birthday is significant for me.  I actually was born on (sniff) mothers day and this is the first one I celebrate without my my mom. 

I am glad to be busy.


Lately I decided that I am creatively starved and I am going to do something about it.  My life is passing me by and I am not writing or anything!  Its really killing me.  You see, I am not talented but I feel like I have the heart of an artist!  That is a hard place to be.

So I decided to make time this year to MAKE A MESS.  Talent or no!

Notice how I did not say make ART?  I decided to give myself permission to just “make a mess”. Its less scary that way.  No judgey!

In order to do that, I pulled all my crafty artsy fartsy stuff out of the kitchen cupboard and put it all on some folding tables in my room.  Easy access. (Pretty huh)?  Note to self:  get craft space when you move.

It will be way WAY easier to make a mess this way.  Have it all out handy and ready!

So here we are at the hotel, nothing fancy.  I brought everything we need including a toaster for bagels in the morning.

I also brought wine for yours truly.

AND, I brought my MESS with me!

While my kid was out tonight with golf buddies, I started my project.  Its a real life saver having something to do.

This is my first page of my Art Journal.  I love collage and I stumbled upon this mixed media technique and I am in love with it!

It seems to be filling a void for me.  I need a creative outlet.

Anyway, I truly hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling weekend.  

Go make a mess!


14 thoughts on “Mothers Day Weekend

  1. My mother passed away 15 years ago – I no longer celebrate Mother’s Day for that reason. I just can’t do it.

    Have a good weekend with your daughter – Happy Birthday Debt Girl

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s day. Having known you over the last couple years, I can’t believe that you and your daughter would have anything other then the best relationship possible (like you and your mom), so savor the time together and enjoy every minute.

    XXOOXX Sophieanne

  3. Happy birthday and happy mother’s day, Debtgirl. I hope you both had a wonderful weekend. I can relate to feeling creatively starved, working multiple jobs leaves little free time. I like your idea allowing the mess. I may try that myself. Looks like it’s working for you, if your first page of your journal is any indication. ☺

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