Not Fun ☹️ Not Good

It was a really nice drive though.

The weather and the golf course was beautiful!

Thats about the best thing I can say about this weekend!  It was tough.  My kid did not do well, 88 the first day and a whopping 94 the second!  She was beside herself and I was numb.  So now she picks herself up, brushes off and works harder.  We have a plan.

I did enjoy most of the weekend with my kid.  When she was not depressed. 😁

The only other good thing I can say is that I got a phenomenal deal on some stamps.  

Saturday I did not volunteer so I found a thrift store to look for art supplies.  Boy did I get lucky!  Three huge bags of rubber stamps for $15.00.  You can spend that much on one stamp.

I went thru them and brought a few to a friend who teaches kindergarten.  What a great find!

You can see I already used a few!  

There are some birthdays coming up as well so card making too.

Today I had the day off and I cleaned and organized.  My art space feels much neater now.

I finished my second journal entry.  I call it Learning because that is what I am doing now.

I am having fun making a mess and keeping my mind off the drama.  Its fun seeing what and how the mixed media work together.  Lots to learn.

I can’t wait to start my next page.

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  See you soon!



4 thoughts on “Not Fun ☹️ Not Good

  1. Hey keep up the great artwork and journaling Debtgirl, the art looks awesome. Hope your daughter feels better I’m not too familiar with golf but I hear even the top golfers have rough patches. Right now I’m helping my 16 yr old check out universities for when she graduates from high school in one year…we started early because she’s a bit stressed about what to do- we go on a campus tour of one this weekend!

  2. Kiki, thanks! Really enjoying it. Can’t wait to start next page.

    I took my kid to visit SLO last summer. Its good to start early.

    We are going to 3 more soon. Its good to let them get inspired.


  3. The art looks fun! Hopefully your daughter doesn’t let a bad round get too much in her head. It’s probably kind of similar to racing (my old world) and something a very good racer and his crew chief told us when they’d have an awful night. When the race car got loaded in the trailer and the trailer door shut – that was the end of it. They moved on to the next race and didn’t dwell on the bad one any longer. I always thought it was great advice, for a lot of things in life.

    • That is great advice!!! Thank you, the art is a blast! I gotta pop by and see how your new house plans are going. I am sooooo happy for you guys! Xoxo

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