Tissue Technique

I’m going to drive you crazy dear friend with my new hobby.  Sorry, not sorry!

Its keeping me busy and cost nothing but time to do.

I learn everything on the internet, how did we ever live?

This background was made with just tissue paper and paint.

Look at that!  Isn’t it wonderful?

It looks like an ocean to me but I am not really into it, so I will just have to see what happens.

I am on a hunt now for magazines and other recycled art junk.

Not much else going on. Just putting on foot in front of the other and trying to have a life while bankrupt.  

Think we are doing ok.
See you soon!


6 thoughts on “Tissue Technique

  1. Hi Debtgirl,

    I really believe you’re in the wrong field and not living up to your potential. You are so incredibly artistic. You should be making that ability work for you 🙂
    I hope you’re doing well.

    • Aw! Thank Sophieann! You are so kind! I really am not talented but good at copying artist technique!

      I did another background tonight, will share tomorrow! Not sure where to go with this blue one, letting it sit till I get something in my head.

      I think this art is saving my sanity at the moment at least, its an outlet!

      Its going ok, kid struggling with lots on her plate and so she is working hard. We have lots to do.

      I hope you are well to! Xo

  2. Hugs!

    The art is gorgeous!

    Everyone has rough patches. It is all about licking wounds, reassessing, and not letting it define you.

    You are what, about 70% of the way through this beast? At the end, you will have a clean slate, a daughter in college, and a lot of lessons that you have learned.

    • Yes! I look at my countdown page and just dream of the day! If (when) I get a successful disharge will be one of the happiest days! Lots to look forward to! Xoxo

      So much has been learned! Xoxo

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