Walk Like an Egyptian

Hello!  Last night I created another background in my art journal.

I learned the “strip technique” online and I could’t wait to do it.

I gathered some mags from work and tore some strips, but they just didn’t work for me.  So since I am tearing out pages from the old book I am journaling in I decided to use them.  I painted and stamped some and left the colorful ones, with the red on them alone.

This book is about The Testament,so its got lots if cool images on some of the pages.

As I got busy, I decided to leave part of the art work on the page exposed.

Now I wish I would have left the whole image exposed.  😔

Sorry, can’t flip that pic on my iPhone.

But you get the idea.

Oh thats better!  

Anyway the pages you see were torn from the book and reused and I think it works well. 

This is a page that I dont want to add much too.  I think I am going to be a rare mixed media user that uses the less is more plan.

I watched a lady online do a beautiful page then cover the whole thing up with black hair she drew on, broke my heart!  ❤️

I will add a black frame and border as soon as I learn how!  I think that will work well.

Anyway on another note.  I thought that if I find something other than my job to “fullfill” me I would feel better.  But I have come to the conclusion that once you are devalued at a place that you have put in 16 plus years, its very hard not to stay a little hurt and yes, angry!  I am mad that I an still mad!  😡

I cannot wait to leave!  I cant stand to even be in the same room as my boss!  Its not a good place.  

I just cant blow off the time I have left to try to get the best income for retirement. 

Seems like I am always waiting.  Hmmmm

Tgif at least!


2 thoughts on “Walk Like an Egyptian

  1. Wow!!! you are staying busy and doing some really neat stuff.
    Has your daughter heard back from the schools she’s been writing to, like in wa???

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