Glue Addict

I have a confession!  I am addicted to glue, modge podge to be exact.

I am having so much fun I could cry!!  But instread I will just create junk art until I am sick of it!

I love my new craft space.  I have spent the last 3 days glued to it.

Gracie loves to watch me cut, fold, paint and glue too.

I am really into it for now and its so wonderful having something to keep me so busy on the weekends.

It keeps my mind off of everything.

Its a cheap hobby, I did buy a few more little craft paints and some newer stamps.  Did you know the wooden block rubber ones are old school and the new ones are flat?  I can pull the stamps off the blocks on some.  Anyway…  It could all add up but at least I have so much stuff and the internet is full of images and ideas.

Here’s what is keeping me glued to my seat.  

Learning.  Technique, color and how its all put together.

This one is light and bright and all images came from mags.  

This buddah just cracked me up.  Had to use it!

That is my fav so far.  

Then I saw this online and decided to recreate it and use it with some little houses I learned how to make:

So I made one and used it here:

Kinda cute huh?

Then I learned how to make these crazy birds and butterflies, so I am using them on the same page.  I copied the cover of a book and then printed it out to get the flowers.  They go so well right?  

Its not done yet.  I am sure it will be by the end of the day!  Ha!  Addicted I tell ya!

Its as if my inner child has come out to play and refuses to take a nap.

Its fine!  I will just keep doing it until I am sick if it!  Somehow I think its gonna be awhile.

Not much else going on.  I am kind of cacooning in this space.

Will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Glue Addict

  1. Can’t believe how good Gracie is. My cat would be trying to walk on the pages, walk in the paint, walk in the glue…. 😀 Love how your creative spirit is helping you get through the day to day stress. It’s a lesson for all if us.

    • Hi there! If I didnt keep busy I would go insane! I have been in the BK for a long time now and it can get stressfull. Its like the more invested you are in it the more you have to lose if it fails!

      Thank you!

      • Keep the faith Debtgirl . You’ve gotten this far and we all know that you’re going to make it to the end.

  2. @terri, Thank you for the vote of confidence!

    So much can happen, its a volnerable position!

    Just gotta “put on my positive pants”
    😁😁😁 xoxo

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