I Think I Am Getting It

Guys!  Look!  This is my best one!  Ok…for me its good.  I am pleased because I learned a few things with this one and its actually starting to look better…. For me! 

See the splatters, thats new technique.  

I just think this one is looking pretty good.  

In six months from now I might not be so impressed with myself.

Heres one I did over the weekend.  

I need to outline it still.  Makes things pop.  Like the birds will look better.

Remember that bird shape?


Anyway, all that mind bending fun at the cost of some glue, paint and a black marker!  Who knew?

Its keeping me busy and out of trouble at least!

The book is starting to fill up:

Well I am tired, gonna hit the sack so I can get it to work tomorrow.  Been feeling a little flarey and so energy at a low.  Fingers crossed nothing develops.

Hope all is well with you! 


4 thoughts on “I Think I Am Getting It

    • Thanks Sheryl! Cant believe how abdolutely addicting this cutting out shapes and painting is. Just like kindergarten all over again. Oh wait I skipped Kindergarten! Now I get it! Xoxo lol

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