Wierd Dream

Hi everybody.  How are you doing? I haven’t felt good so my doc increased my meds.  

Maybe that is why I had the most disturbing dream!

I was driving in a truck alone , I was following directions.  I was supposed to get off at Exit 9, hwy 34.  I missed the exit and went onto this weird road and the truck hit like some strange curbs and launched in slow motion into the air!  It kept going up in slow motion and I looked out and saw ocean and cliffs.  I said to myself, “so this is where I die” then I told my kid I loved her and then woke up!

Very vivid and disturbing.  I hope I never see an exit 9, hwy 34!!  πŸ˜πŸ˜ I wonder if it exists!

Anyway…  I have been busy!  I made this, by following a tutorial.

I fell in love with it, but I dont have all the paint and stencils the artist used, so I did what I could and it turned out ok.

Heres the original:

So pretty.

You can see here the my stencils are all wrong!  But its fine!

I am fine with making do.

I have another one I am working on now and I have practically nothing the artist has.  She adds soft paint colors to hers at the end and I am using tissue paper instead.  Its gonna be ok.

Will show you later.

Not much going on here…kids golfing, I am cleaning and later… Yep painting! 

This month is flying!  Yes!!!!!

Hope you are having a great day!


5 thoughts on “Wierd Dream

  1. Hi Debtgirl,

    That is a very disturbing dream and I’m sorry you had it. I’ve had recurring nightmares that have fled for a while now. Keep focusing on good stuff before you go got sleep and hopefully that won’t happen again (or as bad).
    This a good time, lots going on. Making lots of changes over the next 2 months; wish me luck.

  2. I had a weird car dream the other night. Apparently, car and driving dreams are about ambition and direction in life. So you might feel like you are not in control of your life or that things are taking a wtong turn.

    • Wow! I wondered what it could mean?! The falling/ dropping was like being completly out of control. That you so much!

      I hope you are doing well! Xoxo

  3. As for Highway 34: the internet says there is a Highway 34 that runs from Chicago to Colorado. No cliffs to the ocean – it is landlocked, except for one end near the Great Lakes. But that would be flat, no cliffs.

    Oregon has a Route 34 (which you probably know, at least subconsciously.) If it has exit numbers, Exit 9 would be nine miles from the western end (near the Pacific Ocean). It does intersect with highway 99, but nowhere near the ocean. Tough to tell from the internet, but the ocean end might have cliffs.

    But remember, the dream is probably not literal.

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