What’s Wrong?

With me?  I am spending hours in the craft space.

I mean, yeah its okay, but it feels like I am purging!  Ya know?  Like I am hiding!

I am glad I’m off and just going with it.

Today I hit up the junk store first and I found all kinds of card stock, as well as containers.  Happy!  Cheap cheap!

I see many homemade cards in my future.  

I keep looking at thrift stores first for art crap.

Today I  found this painting.  I hated the painting but loved the butterflies.  The checkout gave it to me for 2.99.  So I brought it home and cut them out.

I can’t wait to make an art journal with them.

I started a playing card project yesterday, so time consuming.   Hours!


A used deck of cards turned into this.  (But this is wrong)!  Learning here.

Whats wrong is that I added moulding stencil, cause yeah, I am smart like that…um not!

It turned out thick! A monstrosity!

So my next one will be much nicer!  

Live and learn.

Boy I sure do a lot of learning after the fact!  Gah!

I found a Hobby Lobby and went there today as well, so the next deck I do will be pretty and chic!  

Shabby Chic.  These decks sell for bucks online.

Omg!  I was walking the isles and I can’t tell you how much crap I could have bought!  I ended up finding a corner and putting tons back on the shelf, that place is insane.

Welp, I think I better get some cleaning done.

Its so freaking hot here. I don’t feel like doing anything.

I hope your week is whizzing by.

Have you ever been to a Hobby Lobby?  Its a combo of Michaels and Home Goods on steroids!



6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong?

  1. We have lots of Hobby Lobby’s in the Midwest. Just don’t try to go there on Sunday. Glad the crafts are putting you in your happy place.

    • I drove to Oxnard to find one here. It’s super! Not to expensive if you keep your wits about you! I just bought some paper and some small items. This crafting might be a phase but it sure is helping me stay preoccupied. Xoxo

  2. You are artistic and crafty! looks like fun and a good way to pass some time. I would have never thought to cut out the butterflies from the rest of the painting 🙂

    • Hi OneFam! It takes me twenty times to leave you a comment! I dont know why its such a hassle! Did you get it today!?! I am so happy for you!!!!

  3. I think you’re working on starting your own online craft business.
    You are extremely talented and I think you would do really well.
    I hope you had a good week off.

    • Thank you! It would be great to sell it. That way I can make more. I had a great time off and got a lot done, cleaning, ironing, lazing and craft. Tons of fun and I am so glad I took the time. Hope all is well in your little corner of the world. So freaking happy for you!!!!!! Xoxo

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