Planning Our Summer

Hey there!

Welp, its almost here!  Summer!  Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought these:

Can I just tell you how crazy expensive tutoring is for these tests?!?

I am talking up to 3k!!!!!  200 an hour!  Those places are crazy and whats even crazier is that people can afford it here.

Its not an option for us.   So I bought these.  We will use our regular tutor and one of these books came with an app!  You put in when you plan to take the test, September, and it schedules your course.

My kid comitted to taking the assessment next Saturday.  3.5 hours.

So obviousy no summer job this year.  She has summer school and ACT prep.  She can’t do golf tourney because of school too.  So she needs to practice on her own.  

I created a youTube channel for her and we can post videos all summer from her practice rounds to keep it fresh.

Did I tell you the coach in the PNW spent 2.5 hours with us for a private tour?  Then he emailed us before we even got back!  He is very interested. Then yesterday we sent intro letters to 2 more colleges, its getting very real.

She is being tutored right now, I just cleaned the garage and now I am back to the craft table.

I found these books at the junk store.

That should help me with a challenge that I am doing online.  Its called ICAD.

More on that in another post.

 Back to work tomorrow and I am nervous.  Everytime I take time off something changes and it usually sucks.  

But we have the rest of the day to enjoy, have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Planning Our Summer

  1. Tutoring is crazy expensive, but it is not necessary.

    I taught for Kaplan for years; drop me an email if you have questions, want suggestions, or if your daughter is stuck on a problem. Would be happy to give you help for the low, low cost of nothing.

    • Hi there! Its crazy! She took the diagnostic out of the book this morn and did good!

      Still she has to be very structured this summer to prepare for test in Sept!

      Thanks for the kind offer!!! Hope you are off to a great start of summer.

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