Better Space

As you know I have been working on my art space.  Its so much better.



I went to the dollar tree last night and bought some wall stickers for the holes but that was after I took this pic.  Pretty leaves.  

Do you remember when this was that space?

Wow, what a great change!

I primed a couple of art pages last night as well and tomorrow is my day off.  Can you guess what I am doing after my walk?

Also tomorrow is my kids last day of Junior year in Highschool!

When I started this journey she was in the 8th grade!  Middle school.  One of my biggest fears was that she would have a tough time in Highschool because of my finances.  It has NOT BEEN EASY, but we are doing it.

She even has car!!!

With the help of thrift stores, Dollar Trees and 99 cent stores, plus a determination to try to have SOME fun and creativity in our lives, we are doing this.

The farther along we get in this journey the more we have to lose.  So instead of getting less stressful it can be more stressful.  All the what ifs. Ya know?

But I try to take it one day at a time.

What a long journey its been.  I know you have seen me just whirl around, here and there, trying this and that, I can only imagine!

Thanks for being here and supporting me!

Oh!  And look who else loves the new space?

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Better Space

  1. It took me back for a second. Daughter just finished her junior year, right? I love the shelves. Gracie would appreciate if you would clear her about a 12″ space so she could sit up there and supervise;). I have shelves in my clothes closet and Slugger loves to nap on my sweatshirts – of course his fur is the wrong color!

    • Lol that was as clear as mud! I fixed it! Thank you!!
      I would love to guve her soace up there but ahe will just knock it down! Or she and Misty will fight over it! ☹️😃

  2. Wow! My kiddo is just finishing up the 8th grade as I start my journey. You give me hope that I can get thru this. I am really beginning to understand the difference between a want and need. I am working on trying to stash away some cash for an emergency.

    Keep up the great work!

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