Why Didn’t I…

Think of this sooner??

Ok, if you have or had or have been near or know someone with a teen then you know how bad the laundry situation can get!

I live in a tiny condo, with a stack washer and dryer!  The washer holds maybe three pair of jeans and a wash cloth!  Its brutal and an all weekend, 24/7 job!

I finally gave up!  I told my kid, I am not spending one more weekend doing that!  

Bag it and put it in your jeep, then lets go!

I let her drive over to the laundry room where she filled all five of these oversized washers!  

And still had two more loads!


It took two hours instead of two days!

Lets not even mention the fact how hot my condo is without the dryer running!  Omg!

Or the fact that its all electric.

This is a win win. 

She has to get used to it when she moves out anyway!  Its time!

All that is important but what matters most is she is 17!  I am done with it!

I feel so good but why did it take this long for me to figure it out?


Its heading into the triple digits here!  Save me!


4 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I…

  1. Sounds like a V-8 moment..good for you 🙂

    Time, heat, electricity savings…sounds like a win/win to me.

    WTG Debt Girl!

    Happy Friday!

    • V8!!! I an going to take mine over later! Its 1.75 to wash and buck to dry, but if it elminates heat and high electric bills!

      Then we can just do a load here and there when it cools off.

      Another thing is now who cares if the washer breaks, I have gotten past thinking rhe laundry room is a hassle.

      So many lessons in a BK!

      Have a great weekend Soph!

  2. Triple digits?? I can’t imagine living in that. It’s been in the high eighties here in Wisconsin and I think that’s miserable.

    I was reading some of your archives when you were first starting on this journey. You should feel really good with how well you and your daughter are doing. Even if she does have a lot of laundry. ☺

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your laundry free weekend.

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