That Time Again

Remember back in the day when I told you I would keep my purses and use them throughout this BK?!

Well, I am holding firm to that!
Today was hot!  Tomorrow will be hotter!

I realized its time to break it out!

It needs a good cleaning.

I am happy to make the switch.

My bff came over today and helped me rearrange the patio.  We actually got her hose out and played in the water.

It looks nice I think!

She gave me the iron rocker so now I have a place to hang out!

She works at Pier One so we are gonna find some bettet quality matching cushion someday soon, with discount!

We ended up at the pool for a bit as well!  Tomorrow its gonna be even hotter!

Not drying clothes in this space is making a lot of difference!  I mean, its still hot but not as hot up here as its been.

I hope you had a good weekend!  Break out the white! 


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