Another V8 Moment

So…. Yesterday after I dropped kid off at babysitting gig, I stopped at a garage sale and found an air vent that fits mine for a buck.

Mine are gross!

Black and gross.  So today I went to the DIY and picked up two more.  I know I could have painted the old ones, but even the part that goes in the wall are gross!  I also remembed that when we took these down to paint that there was a type of filter in there.  I ignored it then.

So… I bought a kind I could cut to fit.

I pulled the old piece of filter out:

You can’t even see through it and my fingers were black from touching it!  OMG we were breathing that!!!!

Look how nice and clean and flowey the new piece is!  


Why did these not get changed when I painted!?!?!?  What was I thinking!

I am so mad at myself!

Also my handyman came over and fixed this mess for me:

He wanted 20.00!  He was in there scraping for over an hour and 20.00 was not fair!   I gave him 50.00.  Still a deal!

It looks beautiful!  I just can’t take advantage of someone like that.  He did my floors too!  What a nice person he is!

But really, that vent thing makes me so mad!!!   At ME!

Gah!  But at least I cought it before summer and I bet that is one reason my electricity is so much higher then the rest of the country!

Gah!  Again GAH!!

Live and learn!




4 thoughts on “Another V8 Moment

    • I sure hope so Kim! Lets see if my elect bill improves! Between the vents and not doing laundry (no dryer heating up the place) I hope to see a much cooler and livable summer conditions.

      Its so so so much cooler in here and I might be crazy but the air feels cleaner. Prob all in my imAgination. 🙄

  1. Time to make a reminder sign for yourself using your new art skills :). I immediately thought what you found could result in a reduced electric bill, I’m hoping so. $300 is outrageous!!!!

    Now thanks to you, I’m on my way to Home Depot to buy a new furnace filter, every detail counts.

    Have a good rest of your day.

    P.S. – I scheduled my first of 2 payments for July. The TFS system our trustee uses only allows a certain dollar limit, so I have to schedule 2 payments instead of 1 for the month. I was going to put it off but decided a goal is a goal. I have a phone call in to the trustee’s office to make sure there is nothing else I have to think about.

    • Om goodness! You are there, so close!!!! I cannot believe it! I remember thinking that as soon as you are done, I will be pretty close too! Still a ways off, but I am plugging away and getting there! So happy for you!!!!

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