Put A Patch On It

This last weekend was so productive.

I got the tub fixed, relaced the air vents and filters, got the laundry done, watered the plants….you get it.

I also went to Michaels and bought this:

I have a couple of small throw pillows on my bed and one got a resistant stain smack dab in the middle!

So!  I fixed it!

Then to make the match I put one on the other one too!

I think they came out ok.

Beats replacing them!

I got this whole BK thing!  Bankruptsy schmankruptsy!

The little things we do.

Oh and here is a bouquet just for u!

I hope you have a wonderful week.




2 thoughts on “Put A Patch On It

  1. It’s the little things that add up. Cute idea to make the pillows new again. Michaels is one of those stores for me where you go in for a skein of yarn and want to fill the cart with all new craft ideas. 😄 Hope your week is going well.

    • Hi T! Yes, I have to be so careful there too, I bought 6 bottles of acrylic paint, 2/1.00 that day as well. I had some stencils in my hand but put them back.
      I am so excited that a few girls at work have given me mags. Between that and the stuff I have, with a garage sale/thrift store find thrown in, I can keep pretty busy.
      I have a couple of collage projects I am working on and they are making me happy. Cant wait to show you.
      Hope all is well with you as well. Xoxo

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