The Pinch

I am feeling the Pinch. You know its my fault, its nothing new, but gah!  I hate feeling the pinch.

I know it will be ok, it always is.

It works out.  I think I should have been saving all along for our upcoming college tour trip.  Ya think?  πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜

Heres my rough guess for cost. 

I think I can get it down though.  I can take PBJ and that will help. There are so many ways to cut costs.

Thank goodness there are three paychecks in August!

Between now and then its nose to the grindstone, not even a garage sale is allowed! 

If you are wondering why we are renting a car, its because both our cars are old and I just don’t want to worry about the breakdown, or putting all those miles on either one.

I think I can rent one for about 150 but I need to do some shopping around.

I hate the pinch!  But I am getting used to it!  Sad!

This is just the starting stage of planning, so hopefully I can get some deals!!!

What are you planning for?




16 thoughts on “The Pinch

    • Yes, I have a 500.00 limit, its been just enough! I love that I can make that limit work for me!

      AnyWay, I rearranged the sched and I got it down to 3 night hotel, and 4 day for a car!

      Way mo betta!

      I popped by and read your blog today, you are doing great!

      • Yep, $500 limit can truly be enough during the course of a ‘Chapter 13, but I didn’t know if you were even allowed such a small thing. Thanks for the visit – things have been good and busy in my corner of the world, for sure. πŸ™‚

  1. Can you do a cheap hotel for those nights? Something like a Motel 6, Super 8 or Days Inn? I know they aren’t the best, but it’s just to sleep and shower in while are visiting the campus’s and they’d probably be a lot cheaper than the $150 a night you budgeted.

  2. Hi Debtgirl,

    Wow! Expensive trip. Are these schools your daughter has applied to or are you just checking the schools out? I think I would be narrowing the schools down and only going to ones she actually is applying to or is being considered for. It seems like a costly adventure if you’re just checking them out. I think I would only be paying to go to schools she is accepted to. My thinking could be wrong but I know my niece is going through the same thing but her school visits have been limited to the ones she’s applied/being accepted to. My apologies if my comment is out of line. Seems like you could be spending a lot before a school choice is even made.

    • Good morning!
      Yes she is applying to all of these colleges. Its $ well spent because it gets them excited and really thinking about it seriously.

      I found cheaper car and my numbers are pretty rough. Pretty sure it wont be that much, unless we try to hit up Yosemite on the way back.

      I am trying to make this a fun little summer road trip too, she has not had any type of vaca in years.

      We discussed it last night and its nothing fancy but should be a nice memorable trip for us both.

      I am cutting out 2 nights hotels by driviing up early on day one of first visit and straight back on last visit, if we dont stop at yosemite. But I really want to! ☹️

  3. You haven’t mentioned what cities you are going to, but have you checked KOA campgrounds? They have those little cabins you can stay in and it’s (usually) a bit cheaper than a hotel/motel.
    For what it’s worth, you should go to yosemite. After all is said and done, memories are all you’ll have left. Sacrifice in other areas to make this dream happen.

    • Marie I did not think of that I will look. I was looking again today and I found some rooms in Jamestown about an hour outside Yosemite for under 100!

      I will make this happen! One way or another! This would be a road trip we would both remember. Thanks for the great idea. I should look at hostiles too actually!

    • Me too, I grew up in Irvine and have never gone to Yosemite. Now I live on an island in Alaska.
      Is there any way her father can help and pay for one night stay and one nightcar rental?
      It shouldn’t all be on your shoulders. It’s not my business, but just brainstorming.
      Maybe your daughter can pay for one nights meal? This will get her involved in whatitcosts.iknow she doesn’t have much money, but this trip is for her mainly and her sacrificing some Baby sitting money to help out would really make her invested in the trip.
      I have heard of people taking their smaltoaster ovens with them and then they are able to bake something. Choose places to stay that include breakfast. If not then bring breakfast food. You should be able to eat lunch on campus during your visits.
      Just ideas.

      • I always take my toaster! Breakfast is easy!

        Great minds think alike! I am trying to find the right time to ask her dad to pitch in! I sure hope he does, that would be so great, but I dont expect too much. He just never goes above and beyond financially! ☹️

        I told my kid to start saving too! This is all about her, ok, so Yosemite might thrill the heck out of me!

        I lived in Irvine, off michaelson and Culver for a year or so, big change for you living up there! But what a GREAT change!

        I am investigating the KOA today!

        I love all suggestions and brainstorming! Thank you!


  4. Hey, lady! Sorry for being MIA.

    A bunch of thoughts:
    Colleges actually track how often the students visit, contact the school, contact coaches, etc. “Demonstrated interest” can be a very important factor. College admissions is not like it was in the eighties and early nineties.

    When I want to make road trips cheap, I bring a LOT of food from home, a big flat of water bottles from Target, and sometimes stop at grocery stores on the way. It is not the $10 pasta dinner that kills you… it is the snacks, the breakfast, sodas in the gas station for $2 each, etc.

    If you are feeling adventurous, try or hotwire for hotel rooms. It can be a lot cheaper; you specify which area you want; and you can see the star rating before you book. I’ve gotten Hiltons in DC for $90 a night doing this. (On a less positive note, I also ended up in a haunted hotel in the middle of freakin nowhere, but that one was partially my fault. At least the middle of nowhere part.)

    Have fun. πŸ™‚

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