The Big Push

I know we are a long way off from my BK discharge, but looking at the calendar and just knowing what is happening during the next year and a half is pretty scary stuff!

There is no room and I mean NO WIGGLE ROOM at all for any unforeseen expenses and that is scary scary!

Then why are you planning a road trip you might ask?  CAUSE THATS JUST HOW I ROLL!  😁

I have tried to make this process as painless as possible.  Esp for my daughter.

Trust me there are moments!  Omg, I still wonder what the hell I was thinking!  FIVE YEARS PEOPLE!! 

But its just like my stinking job, I will only truly appreciate it when I am getting a pension check.

I will only truly appreciate this BK process when I sell my condo and clear 100k

Until then I am not going to be 100% miserably 100% of the time.

Does it suck that I dont and can’t make any plans this long weekend,  like we cant even eat out!  But we do have food and a pool and we can handle that!

For the foreseeable future its gonna be tight, but I will and do make it work!

Just bare with me and my silly decisions and we can get thru this.

Heres my latest collage, cut huh?

I love the color!

Well better get my mind off the BK and back to the stinking job!



4 thoughts on “The Big Push

  1. Just wanted to let you know this chapter 13 journey isn’t easy. You didn’t get this far without be resourceful. You give me strength as I move thru my chapter 13 journey.

    There was a posting about checking into the KOA. I encourage you to check it out. I have started the camping thing to help me and the kiddo get out of the house and it hasn’t been to bad. The kiddo enjoys it way more than I do but we are making some great memories.

    You got this Debt Girl!

    • Thank You K! Yes, I got this! Even though I could do it better, I got this!

      You got this too. I always try to find balance and thats not easy but with a bit of juggling, we can get thru it and have a life too!

      I just remembered this morning that we have so much more coming up in September too! Lol! You just gotta roll with it at times!

      We got this! Xoxo

  2. Hi Debt Gorl,

    Sometimes we forget that our lives our different than others and may say or ask something that we really shouldn’t have.Each of us is responsible for our choices and quite frankly those choices are no one else’s business. What I’m really saying is I’m sorry and I know you’ll keep doing what you to do to survive.

    • Soph! No worries! I love ya! We are all handling this in our own way, its harder for some than others, but we are both making it work!

      My way is the crazy way! Probably not the smartest way but yeah, its my way!

      I do go without in lots if ways, but I don’t feel too deprived!

      I make up for my crazy antics! Lots of ways!

      Dont eat out, stopped coloring my hair, do my own nails, barely ever shop, etc. you know the drill! Xoxo

      Theres a fine balance esp when you are single and there is a kid involved.

      It would be so much easier if it were just me! Crap, I’d actually be rolling in it. Seems like all the money goes to my kid, but she is only a kid once, and its flying by so fast.

      You have a great day and I do love ya!!! Xoxo

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