She Passed!

The apron string is officially untied!  My girl is now a licenced driver!  

No more getting up on my friday off days and taking her to school, no more schlepping golf stuff, no more taxiing her friends!

I’m free!  

She has been in summer school and I have had to Uber her home a few times, no more of that during the week.  Next year she drives herself to school!

Oh and no more dropping her clubs off at the golf course left unattended all day till she gets out of school!  That was a worry!  

Its just awesome.  Yes brings other kinds of worry, but thats life.

So she drove me to 99 cent store after to pick up a few things.

Then I came home and hung this load up!

I figure its ok to wash a load as long as I am not using the dryer. Right?  Its cold water.  

Remember when I bought that rack?

So glad I have it!  I still have the fans too!  I just take them apart and store them in the garage for really hot days.  

Since I fixed my air filters, we havent needed them!  Yet!

So now I am home for the weekend.  The only plan I have is to hike with some friends on Sunday.  Other than that, its very VERY low key!

Guys!  I love you all and if I didnt want to hear your opinion /  advice / comments I would not post my stuff!  All are welcome!  You are a very kind, supporting group anyway!

Oh I checked out KOA, looks like so much fun:

I did find a hotel for about the same.  I really want to do that though!

I don’t think we would be comfy in hostal though. 

Will keep you posted as those road trip plans come together… Or not!




6 thoughts on “She Passed!

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! It must feel really good that she passed her test. Happy Saturday. It’s so nice to have a three day weekend from the office. I’ve just finished my first load of wash and I always use cold water. I have a drying rack too and have been using one for years. Only use the dryer for towels and sheets. I found my clothes last a lot longer now that I don’t put them through the dryer, too. Enjoy your weekend! 😃

  2. Congrats to you and your daughter! Mine tries for her license this summer. Btw about the road it and enjoy! My hubby and I are on one right now. We found a cheap flight Toronto to LA and drove up the coast almost to Oregon and back. We fly back Monday. We stay in cheaper hotels and book far in advance to cut costs. Yes I feel guilty about the money because I’m not working right now but seeing cities I’ve always wanted to see, seeing those amazing redwood giant trees, the ocean etc is so worth it…Life is so short but I think we all have to follow our hearts and trust things will be ok.

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