Out road trip has been booked, not paid for, but booked.

It will cost us approx what I had first thought it might and that is staying at the cheapest hotel and renting the cheapest car.  

I am relieved that its at least booked because now I can start getting my ducks in a row!

Starting today!  The only money out was my July Mortgage.

I was rather bored, even though I hiked today!  Yes, I am posting twice!  

I did a little “art” today to pass some time:

Mixed media roses!  I think they are pretty.

Thinking about hiking again tomorrow.  I just don’t want to be bored with too much time to think!

Ya know?!




4 thoughts on “Booked

  1. Hi DebtGirl,

    You have been keeping yourself busy. I always love the pictures you take and the artwork you create.. Another hike tomorrow sounds like a fun idea! How was your July 3rd evening? It’s been firework busy here and I’ve been protecting my two ferocious goldens 🙂 1 of them is a therapy dog but I’ve had to supply all the therapy tonight. I think we’ll all be sleeping in late tomorrow.

    You will be just fine, you have a great trip planned and your and Debtgirl Jr will have a very nice getaway together.

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th!!!!!!!

    • Goog morning Soph!!! Happy 4th. We are both sleeping in today too.

      They started a firework display last year a couple blocks from me at the golf vourse so I might throw on a sweatshirt and walk dow to that tonight.

      I hope your fur babies are ok, I really hate that our fur babies are so upset by all thw racket!

      Have a great day and Happy 4th!!!


      Ps! U r so close!!!! Yes!!!!

  2. Happy July 4th! Your country is so beautiful….and I really like the roses artwork you did…I’m so envious of your talent! Hope you enjoyed your day!

    • Hi Kiki! Thank you on both accounts! I am just learning things online. Its helping me pass the time! Someday I will take some classes!

      Hope all is well with you! Xoxo

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