Back To Work

That was a nice long weekend!

One thing I learned is that without the responsibility of driving my kid around, I WILL BE BORED!

Its so wierd!  She still lives with me but its like she is gone!  She doesnt need me!

I also realized that if I were to retire soon, I actually need to work part-time!  Wow!

I thought I wouldnt get bored or feel alone but I did!  

Today I looked at the community college and plan on taking a drawing class in the fall.  That will help.

Plus I still need to get her some scholorships and off to college,  she still needs me!πŸ‘

Yesterday I went to Vons and picked up this deal:

$1.59 a pound!!!  Such a steal. You dont see that very often.

I put one pack in the freezer and the other pack in the crockpot.  Kid can come home (drive herself) and have BBQ sammies!  Easy and cheap!

I havent been feeling well so I have to really watch my diet again!  Gah!!!

Anyway, hope all is well and that you enjoyed your weekend!




6 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Hi Debt Girl,

    It’s too soon to plan a part time job when you retire. Everythng takes time to adjust to.
    I’m gad you’re going to take an art class, I think you’ll do well and absolutely enjoy it.

    Have you tried to get onto the BK site today?? It seems to be seriously broken.

    • Yes I tried to access it and its down.

      I am thinking of all the things I need to do to keep/get busy. Art class, hiking group, etc.

      I just know I am retireing a little early and dont want to be bored, 🌺😁

  2. Hey DMC Debtgirl – it’s Shellia Jean from the old dollar stretcher forums.

    Trust me, you will not be bored when you retire. You will actually wonder how you ever worked a job and got anything else done. My Dh retired 4 years ago and we are busier now that when be both worked and had 2 kids at home LOL!

    • Hi there SJ! So nice to see you! I was wondering if anyone found my link!

      I sure hope you are right, maybe I just felt that way because it has all come on so fast!!!! Yesterday someone brought in there 4 year old to work and wow, I felt so sentimental.

      It kind of occured to me that maybe I am sliding into a flare and thats why I am not doing well emotionally! Gah!

      I upped my meds but now I really need to be careful in my eating and drinking!

      Anyhoo! So nice to see u here! I post on the daily general stretch thread once in a while! With babs and the gang! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for popping by! I plan to spend some time at your site and get to know you! Have a great day!

      1.59!!!!! Boneless skinless! I know right!


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