Welp, Since I am Free

I think now that my kid has a car and is driving herself all over the place I am free to do more things for myself.

I told you before that I joined the community center and that I do a step class every Tuesday and Thursday.   I have been really good about it, which is a good thing because I let weight watchers go because I didnt have the $ to renew just now!  When I am not counting, it shows!  I can count points on my own, but its not the same.  I will sign up again after our trip and all the other school stuff happening.

Anyway, back to the gym!

There are lots more than just step. I could make it to the weds muscle fitness, I would be a little late though…There are classes all week long to choose from.

And I just signed up for a free hiking group.  They don’t meet often but they do more than just hike, so it might be a good way to stay busy.

Once a month I have a writers group too.

In August a drawing class starts one evening a week, I am planning on that at the community college.

So there you have it!  Now that I am “free” its gonna be fun to do what I want.

When I was younger I tried to fill my “extra” time learning tech crap for my job, I am so over it!  I think I can cruise for a few more years in that department and just learn on company time, not mine.  Again, those days are OVA!

Tomorrow is my day off, you can’t beat the three day weekends!  I live for them.

Have a great day and tell me, what do you do for you?




6 thoughts on “Welp, Since I am Free

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for popping by.

      They do have a great line up for such a small community center. I just love the vibe there, it doesn’t feel to intimidating either.

      I don’t get all crazy with the turns like I used to, butI work up an awesome sweat! I think I might be ready to add A riser next time! 👍

      Have a great day! Xoxo

  1. Hi Debt Girl..Happy Friday!!! I will write you another note later, but wanted to ask that you look at my post on the bk stite this morning.I’m so excited.

    • You DID IT! You are there!!! I could not be happier if it were me! I mean that! You guys have really buckled down and accomplished this! Not many are successful, that is why I am always a mess, but you did it !!!

      All the best! Warm hugs and huge congrats!!!

      Me next! 😜🌺

  2. Your gym’s schedule looks like mine! My husband and our 16 yr old daughter and I all do yoga on Mondays. At first I was a bit bored but now I look forward to it. I know what you mean about getting older and a change of perspective on things we do…I think maybe we realize time becomes more precious…it’s not something you can earn or buy, it’s a real ‘gift’. Have a great weekend!

    • Kiki, that is awesome that you do it as a family, I love that.

      I think you are completely right about perspective and aging. I never thought about it like that, but yes, we hopefully get wiser and realize the important things in life! Great point!

      I hope you enjoy the weekend with the fam!!!


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