Good Day

Hi hi hi!

Today I got up early and hiked again.  Same place as last Sunday, but with different friends.

And Polly!  Isn’t she cute?

I would love to have a little dog, but its just not the right time.  Two main reasons are my kitties!  I just can’t stress them right now.

Then I got my laundry done in the laundry room again.  Its kind of inconvenient but I love having it done in two hours.  And its gotta help the electric bill.

Then my nieghbor invited me down for happy hour!  We havent done it in a while.

I thought my friend was 84 but she is 87!  And she swears that is her natural hair color, not one grey!  Lucky lady!  She is a sweetie!  I love  her little patio, very comfy!

After I sat down there with her and the humming birds, it made me want to start feeding them again.

Gotta buy some sugar.

Tomorrow is my writing group which I rarely go.  But it will be nice to see everyone.  I invited my neighbor because she does editing and it just seems like something she might enjoy.

I hope all is well with you in this crazy mixed up world!!! 




4 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Hi DebtGirl,

    Good for you! I’m not concerned about you being bored, you have lots on your agenda and quite a variety.
    You’re going to be just fine šŸ™‚
    BTW – I will be waving to you with a checkered flag as you make it to the end of your plan.
    I started my volunteer job at the hospital was a first good day!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I can’t believe you are at the finish! I am pouring champagne all over you!

      How cool that here you are, debt free, doing something you will love and finally at a place in your life where you can be authentically YOU!

      Most of us, all our lives work at jobs that we just fell into and its not what we dreamed. I would say a lot if us do not grow up to be ballarina/astronsauts! šŸ˜œ

      But now you can be! Enjoy and keep me up to date! Start a blog about being debt free and doing what you want!


  2. Wow, your neighbor is an inspiration. I hope I’m having patio happy hours at 87. The hike looks great. Have a relaxing Sunday, Debt Girl.

    • Hi STRANGER!!! I was a little worried, only a little because I think you might be on summer vaca?

      I hope you are having a good one! I am just plugging along here!

      hope you are well too KimC!!! Xoxo

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