Monday Monday

Hello!  Its the start of a long, long week!  

At work the employee appreciation lunch is on Weds, and as we all know, my new motto is:  If its not mandatory, its not a priority.   Can I just say how good that feels to not have to feel like I need to participate in that crap.  Social suicide?   Heck, I am already dead here!  

In other news, we went to Wallmart yesterday to pick up a few things, ink cartridge, cat litter, etc.  While there, I picked up this:

For a wedding gift for my neighbor!  Because he and his new bride will live there, and look at what he has now:

I thought it practical.  Hope its ok.

Yesterday I took my kid golfing!  I haven’t done that in so long, at least thats how it feels.

I was in HEAVEN!  I love love love being out there!

Then we went for BBQ at a friends house.  She has one of these:

I want one someday, so cool.

I finished another pic, I used a tutorial online but then added my own stuff.

Love the ladybugs.  I want to make another one for my sister in law.

Oh!  Major scare on Saturday!  All of a sudden my kid says… Mom the air is blowing hot!  She was right, not only that, the air unit was making a loud noise.  So I turned it off.

I called Stan the HOA guy and he said if it just needs service its about 300.00.  If it needs a new unit on the roof, its about 1500.00, if you need a whole new system, we are talking thousands!!!   Omg, my worst nightmare.

I turned it off and yesterday I decided to turn it back on just to see and guess what?  COOL AIR!  

What?  Stan said it may have just froze.  Great!  But I foresee some drama there!  

Today I am not gonna worry.  Its Monday and I just wanna worry about getting through that!

Was just told one of my server drives has a yello light!  Great!

How bout you, how are you?



6 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. I like your artwork with the music background. And I like chiminea as well. Seems like lately they have lost favor for the popular fire pit, but I like the chiminea’s because even when you aren’t using it, it is pretty. I would think the enclosed chiminea would be safer as well. I don’t have either one, but i think I would be on team chiminea – not that we’re taking a vote. Just put a little piece of black electrical tape over that yellow light – voila!

    • Thank you Blue! Go look up Art Journaling on YouTube, I think it might be wonderful outlet for you. Doesnt cost much, a few tubes of paint, some glue and old magazines!

      I will post a collage I did with just that material last night soon! I loved the doing of it and getting out of my own head! Xoxo

  2. @Blue Yes please check it out, Art journaling and mixed media. It will open up a whole new world on youTube and help you cope. It really has helped me. I can sit for a lobg time and just cut images to use someday out of mags I get for free from people at work. My latest are industrial images! I hope you find it helpful! Xoxo

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