We Are 5 Years Old

Ok I don’t know if you remember last year when the company I work for had an employee appreciation lunch and they gave us dollar store buckets and a towel!  I was shocked!  Like really?  That’s how you show us our value?

Check this out:


They had the Employee BBQ today with a western theme and they had the employees actually do the BBQ!  They didnt even cater it!  Those guys cleaned, setup, cooked and tore it all down themselves.

Oh it gets better!  Look at the take away:

You don’t even see the “best” part!

There is a little plastic sheriffs badge!  Really!  I am not kidding you!

A little plastic boot and badge!  Just what you always hoped to achieve as your worth at work!

I did not go, and now I am so happy that I did not participate in that degrading employer exercise!

Social suicide?  Nope, cause I am already dead here!

Omg but just when I thought it could not get any more cheapo lame-o!  It did!  3.5 more years!

Am I right?




6 thoughts on “We Are 5 Years Old

  1. Ummm … YUCK! I am the responsible party for such employee appreciation functions, and the only way I’d ever give my employees something like that is if there was a cash/check tucked in there somewhere. Truly tacky! And not even catered?

    • Not even catered! No gift cards either! If you get a gift card here, like for best office decor on halloween, they tax it now!

      We have very low budget management. I’m glad its not just me!


  2. OMG who comes up with the gift ideas? Totally tacky! No surprise you are counting the days until you can walk away from that place. Wonder what they’ll come up with next year. 😁

    • Yes its so tacky! When I started here we had dinners out, and catered lunch. Nothing super extravagant, but adult, ya know?

      I know that they dont have to do anything but treating us like kindergarteners is beyond.

      I dont know, on one hand, meh! On the other, grrr.

      I know I am at least lucky to have a job! 🌼

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