Busy Stuff

Hi.  I truly hope you are well and happy!  It is getting so hard to be happy in our world these days, so many tragedies.  Its overwhelming.  I keep telling myself to count my blessings and just be in the moment.  


Today my kid is taking her practice ACT and I am working on creating a golf resume for her. 

After that, I am going to play with this:

Its going to be a pic for my SIL.  I want to make it nice and light and feminine.  I have lots to add:

Last night I followed a YouTube mixed media artist named Cat Hand.

I copied her and made these two index cards.

She is a doodle expert and I am terrible at it so I thought by following along I could learn.

Also there is something so sweet about her, she calms me.  I know, weird but true.  I plan to copy more    Its really great learning.

I have to remind myself that I just started this in May and to just have fun.  Sometimes its hard, but so satisfying!  

Anyway… Went to Smart & Final to pick up some stuff to hold us over.  I had a coupon for $10.00 off purchase of $35.00!  Then I have one for later purchase too, dated next week.

Its a good deal.  $20.00 savings.

I better get at it.  Have a wonderful, safe day.

I hope you have a fun, creative and frugal weekend planned!




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