Out Of Thin Air

Its getting seriously insane!

My list of things to pay for is getting longer by the minute!

I thought since today was payday I could take care of a few things but I could only pay for upcoming tournament.

Another Two weeks ahead of Cup of Noodles!

Heavy sigh!

Paid today and already GONE again.

Here is just reg fees!  And yes  its Senior Year, she NEEDS IT!  ALL!  Imho! 

I am cutting tour by one day so that should help some!  One night only in Yosemite, its enough!

Her binder is getting too big with college info and I havent really even started scholorship research! I’m late!!

I’m stressed!  

I suck at this!  Its so hard to launch a kid!

Help me Universe!!





4 thoughts on “Out Of Thin Air

  1. That is insane!!! I can’t believe what the yearbook costs. Do the low SES kids just do without? There is no “free and reduced” lunch for all those extra expenses. Very eye opening for sure! Is your daughter getting many babysitting hours, or that art camp gig that she had volunteered for last summer?

    • No such thing as a free lunch in the land of the 1%! πŸ˜”

      Its crazy expensive here! Yes those kids go without or drop out! Most likely!

      Its awful!

      She is done with summer school tomorrow and picked up a few days work at the camp! She is buying clothes for school with it and gas prob!

  2. Wow!!! Kids don’t come cheap. Of course I know my parents didn’t pay for everything for me. If I wanted extra activities, etc.I had to raise the money. Does your daughter help out? You can’t be expected to do it all by yourself. And scholarships? She’s helping with that I hope…it looks to me like you’re taking everything on, when it should be shared responsibility?????

    Good luck…I know somehow you’ll make it all happen,

    • Yeah I do a lot. Shes my only kid and my financial prob should not be her prob but it is. Shes very helpful and she has a full plate with school, golf, ACT testing, babysitting and subbing at the camp.

      I do a lot but so does she. This is our last huge ass hurdle! πŸ˜πŸŒΊπŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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