That’s a great temp if you are older and can’t get warm!

Its only gonna get warmer.

I am not that old and have no problem getting warm!

Did I tell ya the air conditioner froze or something about a week ago?

I just shut it off for a few hours and then turned it on and it worked….  Ah hem… Until today!

“They” are coming on Friday.  Thankfully my day off.  

I have a feeling its not gonna be good.

This last 15 months is proving to be a huge HUGE CHALLENGE.

C’mon Universe!  Work with me here!  

I am not asking for a ship to come in, or even a boat!  I don’t even care if its a dingy, I would be happy with a freaking life preserving ring thing!





5 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Wow! Its definitely a rough patch. You will be in my prayers that the furnace turns out to be something minor. This chapter 13 program isn’t best for saving for emergencies. Which is a huge program because over five years things need to be purchased or fixed. Things don’t last forever.

    I was wondering how much high school registration was going to be as this our first year. All I can say is…YIKES!

    • Hi Kaite! I got a huge tip! Don’t buy the books at the high school. Just get the list of required reading and find them at Goodwill or Friends of the Library! That always helps. It’s expensive every year! ESP with sports! 😅

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  3. Talk to your attorney and he/she can talk to the trustee. You do not talk to trustee. I had experience with this. No one expects you to die of the heat. Don’t get a swamp cooler, get a portable air conditioner. Can you vent it out a back window in your bedroom where the HOA cannot see it? Put a huge plant in front of the window, outside. Or, put lawn furniture there so it is obscured. Surely, you have something to hide the vent. The vent is only about 4″ in diameter. Have someone cut a hole in a board and close the window on the board if it does not come with the piece for the window.

    Do you have a health issue where you need ac? Think of all the reasons you need an ac before you call attorney.Good luck.

    • Thank You!!! I would never call the trustee! She scared me!

      I live on the second story so the windows are all visible but I could vent in the living room but that wont help back in my room😠

      I will look into reg air though!

      Thank you! Xoxo nice to see you!

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