Dodged That Bullet

For now it looks like I dodged the air-conditioning bullet.  

The guy came out and checked it all out, the freon is full btw, which is great cause it can cost up to 100.00 a pound! I have no idea how many pounds one would need. 

He told me it is normal for this type of unit to just shut off after a certain amount of pressure has been reached.  He also showed me where the motor is leaking oil, that is just a matter of time.  He said run it until it dies. The part is about 300.00 alone.  Ah the joys of home ownership.

In other news… My kid is babysitting today which is good because she needs gas!

Oh!  Good news!  She got a B for her summer school math class which we figured brought her GPA up to a respectable 3.0!   I am so pleased!

So now with the books I purchased a few weeks ago and the ones I got from the library – Its cram time for ACT.

So theres that.  I am trying to keep up with it all and have time for me.  I hiked yesterday and it was hot!  But it was a good thing to get that done.

This morning I am busy, I tried a technique to make art elements that I learned online.

These things cost way too much at Micheals so with dollar store supplies you can get by making some for most things.

You take napkins and iron plastic wrap to the back which melts them, makes them stiffer and easier to cut!

I made a bunch and then I left the iron out to actually iron later.  But I am avoiding the laundry room today!  It too hot even for that!

I made a bunch.

Well I suppose I should go try to cut some of these out before the kid gets back.  She has to cram and I have to send more letters out and look at scholorships.  Its so confusing!  Too many sites.

Hope you are staying cool!  The whole country is in a heat wave!




3 thoughts on “Dodged That Bullet

  1. Hi DebtGirl! Super yays all around. I was happy to read about your air conditioner (hopefully it holds out for at leas a year and a half 🙂 and yay for your daughter’s good Math grade!!! You see sometimes you do have great luck!!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you! Keeping fingers crossed!

      Xoxo hope you are staying cool up there!

      Hows the volunteer thing going, hows retirement?

      • Hi again…it’s been great up here in the PNW, but this is supposed to be a super hot week. I know it’s true cause my sinuses are killing me this morning. The hotter it gets, the harder to breathe (allergies).
        I like the volunteer thing..people are so nice and the expectations are not like working. You do you volunteer time and go home until next time. Retirement is fine, still planning what new things I’m going to take on in addition to the volunteer work. A class, home updaes, witing etc. I’m taking 1 day at a time and just enjoying the peace!!!! I hope you have a good week!

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