So yep even as tight as things are I blew 30 bucks at Michaels!  

Feeling a bit guilty!

Heres what I bought, mostly at 70 % off but even if its on sale I have no business!

Paint was dirt cheap!

The stencils were the most expensive!  I bought the sentiments because I want to make cards to sell.

I made one of these paintings for my sister:

That one is mine.  I think that just putting one rose on a card with one of the sentiments might sell?

I need to make extra money for this new hobby!

I bought this for later when I realize what an idiot I am!

I actually only went in for this:

Its so cool to outline things with!  Should have taken in 10.00 to buy just that and walked out fast!

Anyone wanna buy some crafty art?  😜




4 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. Hey Debtgirl , Don’t beat yourself up. You’re sure not alone. Michaels is one of those stores if I go in for one thing, I end up with a basket full. Plus with all the ideas you have to sell things you make, it’s an investment. Just enjoy your creative pastime. Hope you have a good week.

    • Thank you Jill and much thanks for stopping by!!

      I am thinking about making up some cards!

      I hope you are staying cool where ever you are! Its so hot here!


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