How do we get so much crap?  Even at work!  

This is my trash today:

And you should see my trunk!  

I went through and purged.  17 years is a long time and lots of junk just finds its way on the shelves!

Oh but in other news!  Talk about crap!  This morning one of the guys at work came to my office and asked me if there was anything wrong!

Let me tell you!  For the last year or so he has decided its ok to say inappropriate things!  Like one day I was standing there and he said  “nice cups” .  I was like huh?  Then he said, I said nice cuffs what did you think I said?  

I knew what he said and he did it again, same joke different day.

I see him coming now And I go the other way!

Today first thing, he came to my cubby and asked if there was something wrong.

I said, As a matter of fact there is.  I dont like your comments like the “cuff” one And I dont want you to speak to me like that!  Then I said… I am too old for that shit  Larry!  

He said ok, sorry and walked out,  then he poked his head back in and said, You are not old by the way!  We laughed awkwardly.

I havent seen him all day!  

I dont understand why he thought it ok to disrespect me, but I have dealt with that crap and way worse all my life and I just am too old and wise to let it slide now!

Feel much better!  What would you have done?





5 thoughts on “Purge

  1. 12 is too old to put up with that crap. Watch your step, Larry, this isn’t middle school. Plenty of people can probably do your job just as well, and are socially more mature. Rant over. Middle school teacher is supposed to be on break, ha.

  2. Hi DebtGirl,
    I think you handled it well…good for you! Hopefully the message sinks in. Maybe a follow-up with HR, or documentation???

    • I think HR is useless. They are so lame they seem to thrive in this kind of crap. It would become unbareable drama. The only thing they are really interested in are planning lame events and hiring the wrong people. 😜

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