I started these projects and I can’t wait for the time to finish them during the weekend.

It really is hard to get into it at night.  I do as much as I can and all of a sudden its time for bed.

They are all so different.  Its such a learning curve.

At least its keeping me busy and time is going fast for a change.

The key to a successful BK is budget and staying busy!  This next year should fly by!

Well off to start the day in my newly cleaned out cubby.  I wonder if subconsciously I am getting ready to leave here.    Maybe?

Ah to dream!  I am grateful to have the job now but I sure can’t wait to get out!   

Its so freaking tedious when you are the devalued and underrated one at work.  In all my career I have never been in this position.  Its true that after 50 you suck in the eyes of the american employer.  Someday that will bite them in the butt!

Have a good day!  Stay cool.





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