Hi guys.  How do you like my very otiginal post title?

Sometimes less is more! 😁

Its been a long, strange work week.  It’s just so bizarre here right now.

Kiddo has been off this week and won’t be working at the art camp until next week.  She has been keeping busy though.  Today she was up and out of the house before me to go hikng!  Alone!  Ain’t that great?

I am trying to fix an old Virtual Server that should be shot!  It’s a challenge but one I like if I dont break it even more!  😁

I look forward to my breaks today!  I have a idea in my little head that includes these:

Cut into these shapes:

I really wish I were working at some place  artsy fartsy!  But then I would say I wish I were working on something more technical!

I guess its the best of both worlds and I should shut the front door!  🌺👍

I better get into it!  I hope you are all well.

Can you believe how fast July went?  YES!




2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Hi DebtGirl and Happy Friday!!!!!

    I think there should be an adjustment at your house. Next week your daughter should do job shadowing and sit in for you and you should work at art camp!!!!!! You could have fun and teach lots of neat stuff!!!!

    I agree with you, July was an incredibly fast month!!! When is your school trip in August???

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

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