Sunday Stuff

Hi guys.  

It’s nice to relax this morning after getting up early and hiking yesterday.  It was so hot!  Plus there is another fire in So Cal that has been going for quite a few days so the air is bad.

I am concerned that I won’t have enough $ for the road trip.  I will make it happen but it will be a skimpy one fo sho!  Things keep popping up, groceries and gas, golf stuff, etc. I was at Wallmart and picked up school supplies and while I was there, shampoo and laundry soap and some golf balls, tees, and other stuff. $90.00 later.

Things seem extra expensive to me these days!  Gee, I wonder why! 

Today I am going to stop by 99 cent store for a couple of things on my way back from cat sitting.  My friend and his wife are on a two week road trip to Indiana and I always take care of the kitties and the plants.  He does the same for us.

In artsy fartsy news, I finished that background:

I haven’t decided what to do with it but it was fun.

I also made a pic for my other sister:

I have to add that to the package and get that sent soon.  That background was fun and a little more texture.

After yesterdays hike I stopped at a thrift store and picked up a couple golf shirts for my kid and a some art stash.

I found this book on dreams:

That will make really cool collage!  Oh and an old wedding mag:

So many pretty images in that.

So today should be a low key day. 

The air conditioner is shutting itself off more and more.  I dont care what the guy said, its not normal.  It didnt do it last year, did it? 

My car is running rough, my washer is not agitating and the list is endless!  But yes!  We are going on that dam college tour! 😁

I have laundry that needs to be done, you can’t hang towels!  I draw the line!  I only use the washer for lightweight clothing.  Never the dryer!

Its getting pretty close to my ONE YEAR LEFT mark and I can say with certainty that its going to be the hardest!  Things are just falling apart and its my kids senior year and so many expenses!  

Its costing me 140.00 a week (most weeks) just to get her tutored for ACT test!  Its crazy right now!  How am I going to maintain that for the next 6 weeks?  Lol!

But you know what?  I got this!  One crisis, one expense at a time!  

I have said it before… If this financial plan works it will be awesome, if it doesn’t then I am screwed!  Lets just keep hoping for a successful discharge in 2017!

Have a great day!!!  Stay cool!



3 thoughts on “Sunday Stuff

  1. Boy, the expenses don’t stop. I wish you were in a lower cost region. Not just because day to day things would be cheaper, but I think the mindset of what is “normal” is different than Southern California. I’m sure many in mid-Missouri go on expensive college visits and have expensive tutoring, but it is not the norm. Just do what you can within reason, and know that it is enough. You are going to launch your girl and she is going to be successful. If she starts at a community college for 2 years she will be successful.

  2. Hi Debtgirl,
    The bad stuff never ends, I’m so sorry. I have to agree with what Kimn..just wrote, I worry sometimes that you put so much pressure on yourself that you shouldn’t have to. You need to assess that what you’re doing is really in the best interest of everyone. I know you want the very best for your daughter but I think you may be hurting yourself in the process. I think you do everything you can to give everything you can to her, but you really need to ask if it’s realistic. What if you drive yourself crazy or get really sick (from stress) in the meantime, then what? I think your daughter would be happy to work with you then to have you in a bad state. It’s all a part of growing up. Like Kim said, perhaps community college for a year or two may e a better alternative.
    Your plan ends next year..yay! Is what you’re paying now for it going to make a difference in your lifestyle? I guess I’m asking you to ask yourself is, if I didn’t have that plan payment, would I have lots of extra money and be living within my means? I have a feeling that answer may not be yes. The question is to ask yourself if he tplan is the problem to your finances or an excuse for not looking at life realistically.
    I know you’re doing the best you can, and want the’s just to succeed you really need to follow the plan and live within your means. Trying to have things both ways will only end up hurting you. Please cut yourself some slack. You’re one person trying to take on the whole world. Be fair to yourself, you deserve the best too:)

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