Homemade Stencil

Hi guys!

Can I just tell you how expensive stencils are?  Wicked expensive!

I know, because I stupidly bought a few!

No more store bought stencils!  (To be read like Mommy Dearest and her loathed wire hangers!

This is one I bought recently:

A flimsey piece of 10 cent plastic for over 5 bucks.

So I turned the package it came into this:

It works like a charm!

Yesterday I was playing with this page:

I needed to “fancy cut” the girl to put the lizard under her hands and arm:

I got to thinking hey this cutting tool

 is great!  Bet I can make some stencils.  I already use lots of household items: lace, can plastic, mesh from fruit, etc.

I have so many ideas for more.

The collage page turned out just ok.  But at least it kept me busy and gave me a good idea.

I gave her and the lizard husband a crown and she has flowers and a ring too!  How funny is that.  I need to do more, like paint something flowing out of the bottles.

Just practicing and playing!

Hope you have a great day!  Its got to be better then yesterday which pretty much sucked!




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