The Journey

Today I was checking out one of my favorite sites and I loved it so much that I want to share the link with you!

Focus on the Journey

Kelly is a wonderfully, stylish blogger and I love reading her visually delicous content!

Everyone can appreciate the fact that we all should stop and be in the moment!

I have had this posted on my chalkboard for months!

My process is very challenging these days!  Work, my kids dad, getting kid ready for college, finance…the list is endless!

But you know what?  Its a process! Its my process, my daily grind and even though its a struggle; I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop, I always take a moment to realize that this is my life and try to enjoy it.

Life is a rollorcoaster for sure!  Just try to enjoy the high points!

You have to make it as enjoyable as possible because this is not dress rehearsal and you just never know…this could be the best days of your life!




10 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Hi DebtGirl. May well said and very true!!!

    I had to let you know, I was discharged today. I’m so happy. I know you’re challenges are with you but I know we won’t be too far behind.

    Have a good rest of your day!

  2. Hi again, What a messy note I originally sent (excitement). …should’ve said, I know you’re having your challenges but I know by hook or by crook you’re going to make it. And I’m going to be cheering you on.

    I will never get in that mess again. I don’t ever want to touch a credit card again (and I won’t). Now we’re focusing on the future.

    I hope you’re having a good day.

    • I am extremely happy for you and I know we will meet Someday in the PNW!

      Its a wierd time for me at work, really weird! But handling it.

      Getting my kid ready for a golf tourney so that is exciting, and started the collge app process last night!

      Its a very challenging but exciting time!

  3. That’s right, it is a process, and we might as well enjoy the ride. These months are definitely preparing you for how to live without debt. Hopefully when the payments are over you can put a big percentage of that money away for your retirement and relocation. And Sophieanne, major happy dance for you. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    • These sixty months have taught me so much! I used to go deeper in debt about 5k a year! It was a horrible trench and because of CC interest rates and huge debt I just could not get out!

      Light at the end of the tunnel!!! The only debt I will have is my own student loan and I will have pay and that is doable!

      There wont be any extra money there never is! My payment is not huge, it will allow us to live on more than just cup of noodles.

  4. We have..and I can hardly wait for one day when we meet here in the PNW and celebrate!
    I hope your work situation gets better or calmer or just plain liveable!!!!!

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