Rant – put em up!

Put ’em up!  πŸ˜œ

The credit card has a zero balance, I have juggled and jiggled and have some cash in my checking account, lists of what to take on our trip are being put together, coach meeting times and places have been confirmed and now the essay writing has begun!

Its so cRaZy right now!  

On top of everything I am doing, my kids dad has decided he doesn’t want to contribute any more then he does!  He promised to pay half of all the cost of golf!  He is such a big FAT A**Hole!   Why now?  She will be 18 in less than a year?!?   WTF?

Fine!  Friday, after 17 years of not so much drama, I am headed to Child / Family service.  Let the drama begin.  I am sick to my stomach that we are being reduced to becoming part of another legsl system.  Pathetic.  Just what I need anothet System!  F Word Insert Here!

But I got this!  I know you all think I am crazy for doing what I do for my kid!  But she is MY kid and I know what she needs!  I know how to launch this kid and I know its not easy!  JC is the last resort for her.  Maybe most 4 year college is not an option for most people in my position, but I am not most people and my kid is not either.

Some of you, as well as her father do not see the bigger picture!  This kid deserves as much if not more than the rest of the kids, even though we are not in the same tax bracket!  If everyone succumbs to that, the the rest of us will be laborers and cleaning people while the rich are the only educated!  Is that what you want?  I am not letting $ hold us back,  and if I have to pay her student loans until I die, so be it!

Ok rant over!

Comments positive or negative will be deleted!  Only because rhis is my rant!  A rant is a rant!

Thank you!




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