Lots To Share

Hi guys!

While kiddo played her first day of tourney yesterday I hit up some if the local thrift stores.  I love to do that when I am away for the day.

I dont look for anything other than art stuff and keep it super low.

I found a couple of really cool books for collage.

The last book I bought I dont have the heart to tear up.  But I will these, after I scan the images into my PC.

This book is so old, I looked it up on ebay and its worth 20 in good condition.

Its in terrible condition but I love the vintage music sheets!

The I found a book with THE MOST beautiful images!

The are so pretty! 

Thats about it.  Oh I found a Shabby Chic book I have been looking for and  card collage book. Could not pass those up

Today I finshed some cards to sell! Finally I think they are good enough.  I have them packaged up and ready!

I still have a few more but its been productive.  Now I have to figure out where to sell and how much!  πŸ˜

Hope all is well with you!




2 thoughts on “Lots To Share

  1. DebtGirl, Those look great!!!!! Selling online or at craft fairs are two options. Any local markets in your area??? Let me know when you decide the marketing strategy and prices, I’m in need of some beautiful cards.

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