My First Sale!

Hi guys!

Today I took my cards into work to see how they would do!

I sold three!  So far!

I priced then at $7.00 for the dimensional flower. 

$5.00 for the windows and butterfly ones.

She bought three cards so I gave her a buck off each!

My fear was that nobody would buy any!

A start!  I am working on an Etsy site.  Will keep you posted.

Thats hard to do, to put it out there like that.  Whew!

Now I need to make more!  I am working on bookmarks!




8 thoughts on “My First Sale!

  1. I think your work is beautiful too! I’m still so envious …but I’m working on trying to find a craft I can do…will let you know! In the meantime have fun with the bookmarks!

  2. Oh debtgirl, that’s awesome!!! I can’t wait for you to open an etsy shop. I’ve been on etsy for 10 years now and the side income has definitely helped me out!! Love all your crafty posts recently. I’m still here….lurking…. 😉

    • There you are!!! Omg! Hows the babies??? Hows the husband anf MIL? How are you Angela! I still keep your link! 😐 Post your etsy site here please!! I have wondered about you and just hope you are doing better! So nice to see you my friend!

      Xoxo Post your site if you want to! Xoxo

      • I’m well. Lots of changes since I closed the website. Not sure I’m ready to come back and put it all out there, but I finally remembered my password to wordpress and my email, so I had to check in!! 😉 Boys are good, just turned 1 and 6! Husband doing great since last surgery, mil still a giant pain in my ass lol. Email me and I’ll send my etsy link. I use to do jewelry, but China manufacturers came in and started knocking off my designs and undercutting prices. So now I do decently just selling supplies/destash!

        • Ok will do! Glad to hear kids are doing well! A year already???? Seems like just yesterday you had a husband at home, medical bills galore, a MIL to deal with, then the happy news of the new baby! You had lots on your plate and I am so happy its all good. Gives me hope! This is the longest, hardest most physically And emotionally challenging five years of my life! I sure hope its worth it! Xoxo

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