Junk Journaling

Hi guys!  I was back in paint up to my elbows!

Hi again!  I had to edit this post this morning to add this will be more of a “glue book” which can be a junk journal.  😁  And add a pic my kid took of me this morning when she brought my coffee!  Literaly up to my elbows in paint!  


I took an old local mag and glued a few pages together, slapped on some gesso and paint in (on) it and I have a great little junk journal to take on our trip (because yes, that is still the plan).  

Those of you (Kiki!) looking for something to do, go google junk journaling and look at some videos!  Cost nothing but price of paint and so glue!   It so fun you guys!

Real junk journals are made out of everything junk mail, but I just used this old small, not too many pages, mag!

Gesso and paint, dry with hair dryer and do it again🌸

I closed it before it was dry to get cool texture!

I love it!

Tomorrow I will add stamping.  Then I will put it, some scissors and glue in a bag and I will have something to calm me down in the evening!

So go look up junk journals!  Its free basically and what is better than making a mess with paint?




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