Best Bad Bottle Ever 

Hello!  We are here!  Monterey baby!

We drove up the 101 and by the time we got to Salinas I was so scared that I should have taken the    1!  

But not long after my heart started racing we saw the sign for the Monterey Penninsula and I took a deep breath!

The hotel is perfect!  Its actually modest and fine!

Does this not look like retro So Cal or what?Getting excited?I love it!  Yes its old!  I don’t care!  👍

Haha!  Wireless is so bad It wont upload!  Promise to show you pics soon!  Wait till u see this!


Got it uploaded!  Used my data!

I am on a roadtrip!  I am off work and out of the condo and away from that drama and I am in hog heaven!!!! Like who needs Calgon!  (Remember those commercials)?

Did I tell you I had a flat yesterday at work?  Yeah that happened.

Trust me it will all be waiting for me and on steriods when I get back. 

But for now I am having the best worst paper cup of wine I ever had!

My word my life has changed so much I hardly recognize it.  👍😁 

In a couple of weeks when I am freaking out about how broke I am you better be nice!👍

I need this!




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