College No 2


We love Sonoma State! Georgous campus and the coach was awesome!

The Motel is better and cheaper than last nights in many ways but its early yet!  

Found a thrift store and bought a SSU sweatshirt for $5.00!  

Here’s some pic of the room:

Thats not bad huh!?

Lets see if it doesn’t get loud tonight.  We do have ear plugs though.

Anyway one college visit left and I can say that I did my job!  Now its up to her to make it happen.

Well, I am not completely done!  Theres the financing stuff! đŸ˜©

Ok off to grab an extra blankie and tuck into this:

Napa visit is not going to happen.  Its not far but we are getting tired of the car!  We still have many many hours to drive.

College 3 tomorrow or bust!




7 thoughts on “College No 2

  1. Hi Debtgirl, that motel room looks fine…my husband and I sometimes stay in hostels or dorm rooms when traveling to save money (two beds but shared bathrooms). At first I was hesitant but they were ok…and they make actual hotel rooms seem like a luxury no matter how old or cheap! Hope you enjoy the road trip…good luck with the college decisions!

  2. Debtgirl (DMC) About the financial stuff for your daughter to go to college, in addition to applying for scholarships make sure to get her FAFSA filled out early next year (do your taxes first, it’s easier that way) so you can make sure that she gets any grant money (that you don’t have to pay back) she is eligible for. You will be surprised how much grant money is out there that you don’t have to hunt for. The college will just award her what she is eligible for. Both my sons received grant money when they attended college and it really helped with the financial anxiety. Money for college that you don’t have to pay back is GREAT!


    • Yes! Actually We need to sign up on Oct 1 this year with last years taxes! I cant wait to see how much that helps.

      We have so much to do. I am going to need another REAL vacation.

  3. Hi Debt Girl. I’m getting caught up on your blog again! Ok, seriously, how can I never have thought of using earplugs while in a hotel room?!!! That would make things so much better. I never sleep well at all, with all the usual noise most of the ones I can afford have. Great idea!

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