Home Sweet Home

First of all, this happened:

Seriously the best biscuits and gravy we ever had!  They didnt even hurt my tummy!  ?

So if my kid goes here:

Then we can split them again!

Its a wonderful college town and my kid loved it.  So now I think she knows what she is looking for in a college and that part of my job is done.

We also know that it can be driven in one day because thats what we did today!  

We decided to skip Yosemite 😩

But it just didnt make sense.  I want to spend more than a few hours there for the cost of a hotel room.

So we are home!  Gracie is happy and so are we!  We drove thru 112 degree weather!  Brutal!

Oh the hotel was great in Chico!  They upgraded us to this for ZERO more $! It was less than the Motel 6!

We originally were sharing a bed but the college kid at the desk did not think we should!  BAM!

So here we are!  

Home Sweet Home!




4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Sounds like you had a really nice road trip. What a pretty campus in Chico, lovely architecture. Hopefully, it won’t be too tough of a decision for your daughter to make. Now it’s Monday morning again and its back to work. 😣 Weekends always go by way too fast. Have a good week.

  2. We love Chico. My husband’s job brings him to the coop there monthly. I often go with him and we thought about moving there for retirement. It has a great park(Bidwell) ,lots of bike trails etc. My daughter was accepted there and she accepted. But at the last minute she was given a full Regents scholarship to Santa Cruz. But Chico state is still a great school, and my son is considering it.

    • I am considering it as well to retire! I was thinking I could sell here buy there and let my kid live in it with room mates to pay the mort until I retire! Lots of new things to think about. Xoxo

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